The SILVERLANE experience

An innovative approach

of recruitment


We guide candidates and companies on the road to success and offer you the opportunity to work as a team to ensure your recruitment success.

The name SILVERLANE was born from the will to coach companies and candidates on their way to success. 

Candidate Experience

We coach each candidate from the beginning of the recruitment process and provide a personalised follow-up when they take up their position.

Corporate Experience

We commit ourselves to companies to implement all the means at our disposal for a successful recruitment. We define your objectives together.

SILVERLANE-Les clés du succès

The 3 keys to success

The SILVERLANE course covers the three essential stages of a recruitment process: 


An innovative approach

Authentic & energetic

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The Brief

The objective is to define the profiles that are most likely to succeed in the mission / to widen the field of possibilities to tackle the employee shortage / to understand which storytelling to use to best represent the client company and the position to be filled.

Sourcing & Evaluation

Identify the most relevant profiles for your recruitment.

Each profile is addressed by a personalised message that is intended to be pleasant and motivating.

An initial telephone interview is organized to determine the possible connections and incompatibilities between the profile and the opportunity presented.

Sourcing et évaluation-SILVERLANE
Entretien paritaire-SILVERLANE

Joint interviews

Our approach is on the borderline between recruitment and coaching during the interviews. The atmosphere of the exchange is relaxing, pleasant and benevolent. The meeting is conceived as a parity interview, where both parties are treated equally.


Integration & Monitoring

Support for the integration and adoption of the candidate's new job position. Each new recruit is coached when they take up their position and they are monitored.

We offer at least 2 coaching sessions spread over the first 6 months of employment and a permanent telephone availability over the same period.


Suivi et accompagnement - SILVERLANE