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SILVERLANE is a consulting firm dedicated to the recruitment and integration of leaders and managers who bring about change. Our ability to assess behavioural dynamics allows us to accompany companies with an organization and a culture to be transformed.


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Transparency & feedback

Candidates and companies receive constructive and solid advice to achieve their professional goals, at every stage of the recruitment process.

  • We advocate transparency and communication.
  • We want to be actors and stakeholders in a successful recruitment by clearly underlining what seems to serve or not the objectives of the candidates in their speech and attitude.
  • We provide method and food for thought.
  • We understand each candidate in the globality of his experience and his project.
  • We provide concrete keys to success by formatting the CV, as well as advising on the speech, attitudes and postures in interviews.



Empathy & benevolence

We believe that exchanges are much more enlightening and helpful when the environment is egalitarian and harmonious.

We are committed to a process that is transparent to both the candidate and the company, both in terms of expectations and alternative opportunities, as well as in terms of possible expectations and synergies.


& reactivity

We make sure that we respond as quickly as possible to all requests from clients and candidates.

We work in a spirit of strong commitment and exemplarity.

Disponibilité et réactivité-SILVERLANE
Disponibilité et réactivité-SILVERLANE

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Hédy Dziri

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